Parade of Paws

Name: Sydnee Geril

Sponsor: Dr. Josh Grimm

Category: Community News


Louisiana has had a major issue with animal homelessness; especially since hurricane Katrina hit and affected large regions of Louisiana. Many shelters have been established in attempt to keep up with the issue, however they have struggled keeping up as well. An example of this is the popular Villalobos shelter for pitbulls in New Orleans featured on the TV series “Pitbulls and Parolees.” The Villalobos shelter is so successful because of the advertisement it gets through social media.

Getting people involved would allow potential adopters to see the animals that are in need of homes in a fun environment without having to visit different shelters. I will focus of different shelters in the Baton Rouge area, focusing on a different shelter each month.

I plan to partner up with the shelters to promote it through different platforms of social media including: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat. I will promote the animals in the shelter, the faculty, and volunteers that work there.

I also plan to host an event once a month (or every other month depending on availability) on or near LSU campus. The event would involve different activities including “puppy petting,” giveaways, and group dog walks. This is in effort to engage the community to donate, adopt and gain volunteers.

During the hosted event an enclosed area, or areas will be set up for the community to come and play with, or pet the puppies (and possibly kittens). Group dog walks will also be held. A group of participants and the shelter dogs go on a walk with one or two of the volunteers. Many of the dogs held in shelters spend much of their time in kennels and don’t always get an adequate amount of exercise or human love and interaction, so the walk would be very be beneficial for them.

Puppy petting is a popular event put on by many universities throughout the nation before midterms or finals. Numerous studies have been conducted that show that animals, like dogs or cats, reduce stress levels, blood pressure and anxiety immensely. I fell that hosting this event would not only benefit the shelters, but also the LSU students and surrounding community.

During the event I would also have giveaways, including merchandise advertising the shelter and Parade of Paws. There will also be donation boxes at the events and the proceeds will go to the shelter that is being featured that month. The events will also be heavily advertised and live updated through all of the platforms of social media. I will also create a short video recap of the event, with shots of the animals and participants, and short interview. This will be posted on Facebook, and given to the featured shelter to put on their website.

Parade of Paws would create community involvement by getting not only students, but also outside community members to participate in the monthly events, (possibly even allowing volunteer opportunities for students). The social media aspect would reach even more people.

I feel by promoting the shelter on multiple platforms of social media, paired with the periodic events, more news about the shelters and the homeless animal population in Louisiana in general, would reach the community. This would affect more people to make a difference and donate, or adopt.

I would measure my success by looking at the amount of increase in donations, volunteers, and adoptions each shelter had after their featured month.


First Broadcast!


We did our first broadcast, my ice-cream package got in! And I was director of the second show which wasn’t that bad…really funny actually. I had to mark up the script, then call the show. Then we finished our music video. We woke up at 4am to film a sunrise scene. But it finally finished and looked great!

Finally finished my project! …now another one.


I finally finished my package on international chocolate ice-cream day! Filled with cute kids, dedicated customers, and an amazing ice cream parlor, and of course chocolate! Shooting was a bit of a struggle adapting to the new equipment and all, but editing was pretty easy. Besides half my project getting deleted on the second day. But it’s finally a finished product now, and ready to air in today’s broadcast. First ASU Cronkite project done! However…I literally hit save on my ice cream project, walked into the next room, had a sigh of relief, only to be surprised with yet another project. A music video with my group to “That’s What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction. This one will be a challenge because there’s literally no time built into the SJI schedule to work on it, so we’ve been shooting during class, staying up late planning, and we’re waking up early (at 4:00am) to film during the “golden hour”. I’m extremely tired, but really excited to see how it turns out at the same time. Best part of it? No rules! Complete creative freedom, which means we can’t do anything wrong. We have a great plan so far, we’re all working hard to make it amazing. 

Visa Championships 2012


The Visa championships for women’s gymnastics were held this weekend, to determine who would make it to the Olympic trials. They were exciting and surprising. Last Sunday Shawn Johnson, 2008 Olympian and silver medalist in the all around announced her retirement, which was a surprise to many after she tried to make a comeback but realized she already had her time to shine, and it was time to let someone else have a shot at the podium. As difficult as it was to finish the sport that consumed most of her life, she couldn’t stay away from the Visas. Some of the big names competing were Nastia Liukiun, Jordan Weiber, Bridget Sloan, Alicia Sacramone, and Rebecca Bross. Nastia, 2008 Olympic all around champion, had a difficult time at the meet in making her comeback. She announced that she had only been doing her bar routine for a week, and that in three weeks (when the Olympic trials are held) she would be ten times better. Jordan Weiber however, did amazing taking this meet as her own, she won 1st in the all around beating out the other competition with ease. Some newcomers were also here, a few unexperienced had some falls, but all around a great meet. 

Weekend on Campus

I got to spend the weekend on campus at Cronkite, since flying all the way back to Florida and back by Monday would be impossible. So Saturday, we (everyone else staying the weekend) explored some of Phoenix, we went to an outdoor mall, and shopped. I also got the experience of riding the light rail, which was interesting. Today my plan was to finish editing my package for the show this week, but we couldn’t gain access to the editing bays so that will have to wait, for now I’m blogging, and watching the 2012 women’s gymnastics Visa Championships. I can’t wait to get back to classes at Cronkite on Monday. 

Working hard at SJI!

All the broadcast students were working hard at SJI getting our packages done and all, until the server went down! So now we’re all blogging or taking a much needed break. Or just staring at the screens waiting for the computer to reboot. Image

First Post

I’m currently at ASU to study broadcast journalism for two weeks, so far it’s been great and I’ve learned so much to bring back to Ocala for my news team to learn. Being in Arizona is so different from Florida, but the experience at Cronkite had  been amazing. The broadcast kids have started their first news cast, and I got the position of producer. I’m also doing a package on international ice-cream day, which is turning out good so far.